Content marketing is the King

Content marketing – this is a brilliant SEO strategy, perhaps even more powerful than link building. A savvy way to get higher rankings and greater volume of organic traffic to the site is to initiate and speed up the transition from the search engine marketing strategies to content marketing.

A research in this area, carried out this April by HTP, a successful digital marketing agency Manchester with 10 years of experience under the belt, revealed some interesting results. There are two categories of clients: the first has a strong social media involvement, while the second one is poorly engaged with social platforms. Web sites with weak social profile lose 19.5% of organic traffic, whereas in sites with a strong social orientation this mark increases by 42.6%.

To date, Google appreciates the authorship as an indicator of the site success. And the most important thing in the SEO-campaign is action. Analysis and audit of the sites are important, but they do not improve the performance – the absence of strategic updates. If you move forward and take action, the performance of your site, at least not worsen, because at the same time, your competitors are also taking steps to promote their businesses.

At each site, a variety of SEO-needs and requirements may emerge, but the common thing is that all websites need to increase the amount of good content, and references of higher quality. In that case, why not just develop good content and create quality links?

If you focus on achieving success through link building based on SEO, even in the best case it will only be a tactic which effeсе is designed for a limited time. Link building should be a byproduct of good content; it should be treated like a tactic, while the content marketing – as a strategy. If your goal is to build links for the implementation of SEO tactics and nothing else, you only need to employ Google algorithm and squeeze out of the most of it, but in any case it will not give long-term results.

To create a long-term relationship with the audience, you need to think about search engine audience, traffic, references, citations, subscribers, ratings, customer – and, surely, profitability.

The backlinks end is near?

What happens if backlinks will no longer be taken into account by search algorithms? The guys from HTP, involved in digital marketing manchester promotion for more than 10 years believe the day will inevitably come. However, in the near future, this problem is not likely to arise, particularly with respect to Google, but who knows what lies ahead?

If a piece of content has 100 or more references but lacks no social footprints, it suggests that these links will not be generated naturally. Conversely, if the content boasts lots of social voices, but lacks backlinks, this is definitely not a good indicator of site. To be successful, you must use both methods simultaneously. Pressing for an optimal balance and increasing both marks through growing


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